The Sometime Seminar is a podcast of cultural criticism, literature, philosophy, and general quasi-academic chat. Our goal is to showcase the kind of intensive, in-depth discussion you might see in a serious seminar on any given topic — but with a little bit faster and less stuffy presentation than you’d typically find at an academic conference or in a grad-school classroom. The podcast is our movable feast of literary and cultural criticism, and we hope it will cover a wide enough range of subjects that many listeners will find something, at least, to interest them as we wander through the humanities. While keeping a special eye on contemporary topics, we’ll be covering topics from the 18th Century to the present, in fiction (including genre fiction), poetry, and (largely Continental) philosophy, and taking occasional excursions into film and other media.

We strongly recommend that listeners be at least somewhat familiar with the subject of a given episode before listening — both because we will be diving right into the meat of it, probably without enough explanation for an unfamiliar audience, and because we can’t avoid spoiling the surprises, or the plot when we talk about stories. Listening to all the episodes in order is probably not as good an idea as picking and choosing which topics interest you, unless you’re either very broadly (and weirdly) read, or willing to do a lot of new reading to keep up with our choices!

Your co-hosts, Roger Bellin and Dave Urban, met in grad school, and as we have both since spent spells outside the academy, we’ve created the podcast as a way of continuing to have the kinds of conversation about literature, theory, and culture high and low that have always been our favorite part of academia. Our actual primary Ph.D. fields of specialty, though, are 19th-Century America (Roger) and 18th-Century Britain (Dave).

Join the discussion! Comments are always welcome, either on this site or by email to comments@thesometime.com.

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  1. Matteo · May 1, 2017 at 11:51:26 · →

    I came across your podcast and want to thank you for sweeping the cobwebs from my mind.

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